Disputes Resolution Services (Available online on request)

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A dispute is a comma not a full stop in a relationship.

Our COMMA methodology

Whereas most people agree that “to error is human”, it is contradictory that when errors result with failure to keep an agreement, most people opt for “let us meet in court”.  Dispute resolution through mediation is based on the reality that human beings cannot foresee all future possibilities when making an agreement. In case of a dispute about an agreement,  “let us meet in court” may therefore not be the best decision. A better decision is to engage an independent third party ( called a mediator) to help resolve the dispute. 

Mediation has several advantages which include confidentiality, time saving, mostly cheaper than going to court and more importantly ensuring that parties maintain a good relationship even after the dispute is resolved.  These reasons explain why the Kenyan constitution and the judiciary support the use of mediation in resolving disputes especially those relating to family and commercial matters.

At Mediatrix Health Services we believe that a dispute should be a “COMMA” in a relationship and not a full stop. You should not allow a dispute to affect your health wellbeing but instead try and have it resolved as soon as possible.

We use the following five COMMA steps to resolve disputes through mediation. 

  1. Contact us requesting for mediation services
  2. Other party(ies) in the dispute agrees to the mediation request
  3. Mediation takes place (possibly virtually) 24/7.
  4. Mediation agreement is signed if all parties agree
  5. Agreement is fulfilled

Next time you, your organization, family or other relationships have a dispute, do contact us to resolve it. It should be a COMMA not full stop in that relationship.

Note that due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, this service is now available as a virtual service using a videoconference technology e.g. ZOOM.

If you are interested in this service contact us for more details or clarifications.