Disputes Resolution Services (Available online on request)

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A dispute  should be a pause not an end in your relationship.


In life, disputes are bound to occur in our personal and professional relationships.  Using mediation to resolve disputes has several advantages in comparison with going to court. These advantages  include being confidential, less costly, faster and possibility to maintain the relationship after the dispute is resolved. 

We use the following process to help you resolve a dispute

  1. You contact us requesting for mediation services
  2. We contact the other party(ies) in the dispute proposing mediation on your behalf.
  3. We schedule a mediation day agreeable to all the parties.
  4. At the end of the mediation, the parties sign an  agreement.
  5. Parties fulfill their agreements

This service is also available virtually using videoconference technology e.g. ZOOM.

If you, your organization, family or other relationships have a dispute,  contact us for more details.