Nursing Room Services (Express Bila Stress)



Nursing mothers go through untold stess to express milk for their young ones. Most organizations do not provide a private room where mothers can do this important activity in private.  Some mothers have to use unhygenic bathrooms exposing their young lovely babies to unthinkable healthy risks.  It need not be so.

Mediatrix Health Services(MHS) , an innovative healthcare provider, now provides a solution to this problem.  Mothers now have access to a private room within the MHS facilities where they can ”Express Bila Stress”. This service is free of charge for nursing mothers who have insurance polices with any of MHS insurance providers.  

Terms And Conditions

The following terms and conditions(T&C) apply.

  1. Mothers will call in advance (see contacts below) to book a maximum 30 minute slots to use the facility
  2. The use of the facility does not confer any responsibilities, costs or otherwise that the mother may incur from the use of the facility to either to MHS or any of its partner insurance companies.
  3. MHS reserves the right to terminate or vary the terms and conditions of this service without any notice.

Welcome to ”Express Bila Stress”  at Mediatrix Health Service and share this information with other nursing mothers.

Contact us to reserve your slot to “Express Bila Stress”