Twapata Head Meets Heart Course

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Good relationships do not just happen, they are caused to happen.  A good and happy marriage relationship starts with the choice of a marriage partner.  The Twapata Head Meets Heart course empowers individual men and women with the knowledge to choose the right marriage partner. The course emphasizes the need to use both the head (brains) and heart (emotions) to pace the journey from identification to commitment to a marriage partner.

The course has two parts.  Five sessions of online self-paced video recordings with summarized reading materials and interactive meetings (online and face to face).  In the video recordings, the participants learn how to pace the development of a relationship and avoid committing to each other too early. During the interactive meetings, participants discuss the course materials guided by well-selected facilitators. The online course comprises five sessions, each of which takes about 2.5hrs. The five-session should ideally be spread out to take about one month. The online course content is provided by a US organization called LoveThinks,LLC which guarantees access to the content for one year from the date of the registration.

The Twapata Head Meets Heart course content is based on relevant academic research and professional experience. Though the content is aligned to Christian values, it is also suitable for non-Christians.  The same course is offered in two streams:

Stream 1 for singles aged 29 years and below

Stream 2 for singles aged 30 years and above.

Graduates of the course can join the Twapata Alumni Association to connect with other course participants.

The course is coordinated by Drs(Mr. and Mrs.) Edward and Lucy Mungai who have been married since 1997. Edward and Lucy have for many years facilitated courses for young couples at Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya, and in Kampala, Uganda. They have witnessed firsthand the lack of forums for singles to acquire knowledge about relationships and to meet other like-minded singles.  The Twapata Head Meets Heart course aims to provide such a forum.

Online Session Titles

  1. An overview on this thing we don’t call dating
  2. Family Background and the Conscience
  3. Compatibility and other Relationship skills
  4. Trust and Reliance
  5. Commitment and Physical Touch

Interactive meetings

  1. For participants who have completed online sessions 1 & 2. Online Zoom meeting are held as follows
    1. Stream 1 – Second Monday of the month, 20:30 – 21:30hrs, EAT(GMT +3)
    2. Stream 2 – Second Thursday of the month 20:30 – 21:30hrs, EAT(GMT +3)

The Zoom meeting link will be communicated via email to all registered participants

  1. For participants who have completed all the five online sessions. The Face-to-Face meeting are held as follows
    1. Stream 1 – First Saturday of the month, 14:00 – 17:00, EAT(GMT +3)
    2. Stream 2 – First Sunday of the month, 14:00 – 17:00, EAT(GMT +3)

The meeting venue will be communicated via email to all registered participants and will be in Nairobi upper hill area.

If you are single and wish to have a  good marriage relationship, Twapata Head Meets Heart course is a must for you.  


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