• Pediatrics


      We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing from the moment your child is born through compassionate and personalized care.

    • Endocrinology


      We tackle all hormone-related diseases and provide sufficient information on their management to our patients.

    • Gynecology and Obstetrics

      Gynecology and Obstetrics

      We offer comprehensive Gynecological services for women at every stage in life- from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

    • Diabetes care

      Diabetes care

      Trust our skilled specialists to help manage diabetic conditions and make our clients live normal healthy lives.

    • Ophthalmology


      Count on our highly- skilled and dedicated team to take care of your eye health

    • Psychotherapy


      You are never meant to do it alone; get in touch with our psychotherapist to help you through your mental health journey because mental health matters!

    • Nutrition and dietetics

      Nutrition and dietetics

      We believe in the healing power of food

    • Medical Advisory

      Medical Advisory

      Our specialists panel is ready to give advise on the best way to manage a healthcare condition

    • Express Bila Stress

      Express Bila Stress

      Mothers now have access to a private room within our facilities where they can ”Express Bila Stress”.

    • Sickle Cell Screening

      Sickle Cell Screening

      We genetically test newborns and those planning to get married for genetically inherited conditions like sickle cell disease